Geographic Information System (GIS) describes any information system that integrates, stores, edits, analyzes, shares, and displays geographic information.
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uDig is an open source (LGPL) desktop application framework, built with Eclipse Rich Client (RCP) technology.
It can be used as a stand-alone application, can be extended with RCP “plug-ins” and can be used as a plug-in in an existing RCP application.
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OpenStreetMap is a free editable map of the whole world. It allows you to view, edit and use geographical data in a collaborative way from anywhere on Earth. 87584 553875
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Forum for Kosmo GIS software users / Foro para usuarios del programa Kosmo - Cliente de escritorio 707 1898
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JGrass (Java Geographic Resources Analysis Support System) is a free, multi platform, open source GIS based on the GIS framework of uDig (that is why the intro looks so similar to that of uDig). 262 720
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The mailing list for developers using CloudMade's tools and APIs 168 455
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