Any option to include POIs as ways?

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Any option to include POIs as ways?

Dominik Seelow-2
Hi all,

Is there any way to transform (user-defined) POIs into short ways?

It is quite helpful to see potentially hazardous barriers of any kind in
advance on the GPS when cycling. Unfortunately, my device does not care
for mkgmap's resolution settings when it comes to POIs and chooses by
itself which types to display (apparently the normal behaviour of Garmin
Edges). I would hence have to switch to high detail level and drown in
POIs, thus making the map pretty unreadable.
The numerous barrier POIs also pollute the search function - I suppose,
nobody wants to be flooded with bollard entries when searching for
nearby POIs.

So I am thinking of a 'pois-as-lines' function which adds a 'way' for
each POI - I could then choose to ignore barriers, railway crossings, or
traffic lights in the points file but assign a non-routable line type in
the lines files instead. POIs relevant for planing _and_ when riding
(such as mountain passes) could be assigned both, a line and a POI,
whilst others (e.g. restaurants) could remain ordinary POIs.

Is there any way to achieve this?

Thanks in advance,

P.S. Thank you for this great tool!
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