App for Walkability and Drivability Score using GIS

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App for Walkability and Drivability Score using GIS

karthik R

Myself karthik studying M.Tech GIS in NIIT university, India. I had done GIS related works in my B.Tech and now doing in M.Tech. In this I would like to create an App using GIS. I know C#, python, javascript, HTML, MySQL. so my idea is creating an Walk score and Bike score app using GIS. 

It’s a both Web App and Android App. It’s a Location based analysis App. I would like to do on Bangalore City, India. Because one of the major issues in India is Urbanization. By 2030, more than 50 per cent of India’s population is expected to live in urban areas.


Drive less. Live more. Our mission is to help people find a walkable place to live and enjoy a walkable lifestyle in an urban cities. Walk Score helps you enjoy a walkable lifestyle, one of the simplest and best solutions for environment, health and economy. Walkability is a big part of deciding which homes to look at and to purchase. Walk Score is a numerical ranking or score for any address based on the accessibility of surroundings by walk. Similarly Bike score, Transit score, Drive Score has been generated. 

App details:

  1. We will provide all the Apartments and Rent house details spatially located with map. They could choose their location and can able to create a buffer zone within a 5 km, 10 km or whatever they want. After that it list out all the features such as Shopping malls, Markets, Hospitals, Restaurants, Temples and all the other features are present within those zones which are spatially located on map and also in a attributes.
  2. Based upon the features the scores will be generated for that zone. If all the features they need are presented within a zone means Score should be high and vice versa.
  3. And also will provide route map to reach there and time taken to reach everything. So people will analyze the areas having more walk score, Bike score, Drive Score depend upon their choice and they can accommodate.
  4. And also will provide Crime map of an area to analyze the crime details before they migrate for safety purpose.
  5. We will also include Crowd source facility like if anyone want to include their shops, Rent houses, Restaurants and any other features means they can take photos upload their information and locate their points using maps. 

M.Tech, GIS

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