Belfast meetup plus how can OSM UK help with events?

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Belfast meetup plus how can OSM UK help with events?

Rob Nickerson
Hi all,

For those able to make it to Belfast next Saturday, OpenStreetMap Ireland are hosting a meetup with Queen's University Belfast. It looks set to be a great event including a talk on Drones and Mapping by Conor Graham from the GIS & Geomatics Lab Centre in QUB. Sign up is via EventBrite:

Speaking of EventBrite, I'm curious as to how OSM UK can help OSM event organisers. One idea we have to help attract new members to OpenStreetMap is to advertise our events on services such as or facebook. Is this something you would make use of if it was available? More generally, how can OpenStreetMap United Kingdom help support you and your event?

P.S. There is likely to be some funding available for supporting events so we really do want to hear from you. Is it advertising, event spaces (room booking), food, etc of most need - or something entirely different?

Best wishes,

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