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Buildings Geometry Quality analysis - Visualisations by Contributor

This time I selected areas for 25 Tasking Manager projects completed in August 2018. OSM buildings extracts for the analysis are for August 30.

Individual contributors Building Maps are provided for contributors to prioritze for validation. These visualisations are usefull to evaluate rapidly. It is also possible to import into JOSM for validation / correction.

Irregular geometries indicators show again a great variability of results with a minority of contributors mapping less and mapping with less precision. Results vary also greatly from one project to the other (ratios from 1% to 61% of irregular forms).

This sample contains nearly 400,000 buildings last updated by 2,135 contributors. A minority of contributors (522) mapped 10.3% of Buildings but 71.2% of Flagged buildings for revision. On average, 64% of buildings traced by this group had irregular forms or topological errors.

As the visualisations show with current data (Overpass extracts), no correction have been done yet since the various project managers moved to other priorities.


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