Commit r4462: implement new option --dead-ends[=key[=value]][, key[=value]...]

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Commit r4462: implement new option --dead-ends[=key[=value]][, key[=value]...]

svn commit
Version mkgmap-r4462 was committed by gerd on Thu, 05 Mar 2020

implement new option --dead-ends[=key[=value]][,key[=value]...]
    Specify a list of keys and optional values that should be considered to be
    valid dead ends when found on the node at the end of a way. Ways with nodes
    matching any of the items in the list will not be reported as dead ends. If
    no value or * is specified for value then presence of the key alone will
    cause the dead end check to be skipped. The default is

Also corrects some typos in documentation and javadoc.

deadendcheck3.patch by Mike Baggaley with small modifications
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