Continue to Map (and Swipe) Against COVID!

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Continue to Map (and Swipe) Against COVID!

Russell Deffner-3
Dear HOT Community,

Sunday 11 October marked 200 days since we declared the HOT Activaton to support the global response to the coronavirus pandemic. Our Activation Coordination Team has been incredibly busy engaging local governments, non-governmental organizations, and local communities to support the creation and use of geospatial data to inform decisions on how best to address the crisis.

To date, we have led or supported mapping operations in 24 countries, with a few other OSM communities doing similar work on their own. So far, 341 Tasking Manager projects have been created. These projects have relied on over 16,000 contributors[0], likely including most of you reading this email.

Most importantly, this message is a thank you to everyone who has contributed to the response so far! You have made a big impact for communities around the world.

Geospatial data and maps are only tools for healthcare and aid workers to plan and execute the delivery of services. Until there is a vaccine or cure we will need to continue to do all we can to help slow the spread of this terrible disease that has already impacted so many lives.

Now with over one million fatalities globally[1], and still thousands more every day, I ask for your help again. We have more projects being published[2] - including beginner-friendly ones - but also urgently need intermediate and advanced mappers, and especially validators[3] to ensure we are delivering the highest quality data we can muster. As it stands now, about half of the 341 projects still need some level of effort to complete and at the current rate of progress (about 85% of one project is completed each day) it will take the community roughly another 200 days to finish - and that is without identifying further needs or receiving additional requests for help.

We all want this pandemic to be over, and you can make a tangible difference in minimizing its impact... by mapping! If you don’t have time to map, do not overlook the assistance you can provide from your phone with Mapswipe[4]! When you’re standing in line - or maybe more with the times, waiting for your order to arrive - jump on to Mapswipe and help us determine where there are areas in need of a Tasking Manager project! Thank you again, so much, for your time and effort to combat the COVID-19 pandemic.


[0] Frequently updated stats:
[1] The Coronavirus App:
[2] The Tasking Manager:
[3] So you want to validate? Form:
[4] Mapswipe website:

Russell Deffner
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