Crisis Mapping Volunteer Survey

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Crisis Mapping Volunteer Survey

Tait Brimacombe



I am writing to inform you about a University of Adelaide interdisciplinary research project – Humanitarian Emergencies in a Digital World. This project seeks to understand why people all over the world participate in crisis responses, in particularly why people choose to volunteer, their experiences of the process and their perceptions of the impact. This project aims to contribute to our understanding of the how processes such as crowdsourcing and crisis mapping help to inform the situational awareness of humanitarian aid workers during emergencies. 


We are hoping that some Open Street Map Australia members would be interested in participating in this survey. A link to the survey, and some additional information about this project is available online here.


If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.


Tait Brimacombe

…On behalf of the research team



Tait Brimacombe
Course Coordinator & PhD Candidate

Napier 129| Anthropology & Development Studies 

M:+61 4 17840182 | E: [hidden email] 


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