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Vi vorrei segnalare questa proposta (in fase di sviluppo) che tenta di sostituire le classi di protezione numeriche con classi espresse con parole. Qualcuno di voi si intende della situazione italiana di aree di protezione naturali ed altri, che potrebbe contribuire al sistema per trovare una soluzione adatta a descrivere la situazione Italiana e europea?

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From: Kevin Kenny <[hidden email]>
Date: 17. August 2019 at 21:21:40 CEST
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Subject: [Tagging] Feature Proposal - RFC - protection_class=* (Words, not numeric codes)
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.As has already been discussed at some length in the thread on tagging
of State Parks in the US, I've been working on a proposal for a
'protection_class=*' key to replace 'protect_class=*'. It replaces the
seven numeric codes from IUCN (plus a zoo of codes that OSM appears to
have cut out of whole cloth) with 'protection_object=*', whose values
are drawn from a group of word-oriented codes that, it is hoped, will
be more mnemonic. (The proposal to describe State Parks as protected
areas was reasonably well received except for the issue that it
depended on the numeric 'protect_class=*' to describe the protection.)

The proposal has now reached a state where I think it can be opened
for a formal RFC, and can be found at

Of course, I'll monitor both this list and the talk page for the Wiki
page for comments, and try to address whatever comes up.
73 de ke9tv/2, Kevin

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