GeoWidgets: SVN up and running for Swing widgets

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GeoWidgets: SVN up and running for Swing widgets

Matthias Basler
Hi uDiggers, hi GeoTools community,

I am proud to announce that GeoWidgets is finally available on the SourceForge SVN of the GeoWidgets project, at
and more specifically at

- Only the Swing widgets and the framework is on the SVN, the SWT/JFace implementation classes need another check and some refactoring before I want to see them "out in the wild"
- Ant scripts are available for downloading dependencies during the "clean"
- The MaBaUtils project contains a simple jar build, for GeoWidgets itself this is yet missing (no build system so far, will be added later).
- Tests, JUnit tests and demos are there, but likely not perfect.
- The new style widget is only partly functional and definitely not yet stable
- The manual is not yet updated to reflect the newest changes
- However the source code is well documented and almost fully localized.

Things to note:
- JDK1.6.0 is required, although the projects should run under JDK1.5.0 with only minor modifications
- The projects currently use GeoTools 2.3.0.
- For the CRS tests to pass an EPSG database is required. I use the Geotools ODBC jar, but it should be possible to make the tests run with any other of the GeoTools implementations (such as gt2-epsg-hsql-2.3.0.jar)
- The projects are Eclipse plugin projects, since they must be integratable in the Eclipse RCP architecture for the SWT/JFace parts.
- In the current state there is not yet any dependency on SWT or JFace.

How to checkout and compile
Checkout requires no password etc. You will need all three projects from trunk:
- org.MaBaUtils       (my utility and general widget library)
- org.geowidgets.libs (a project containing the downloaded dependencies)
- org.geowidgets      (containing the framework and Swing GeoWidgets)
After checkout You will have to call "clean" once or twice to download the dependencies and then everything should compile. (Well, it did on a fresh test checkout which I performed today.) You might run some of the test and demos to find out what widgets exist. Please note that some tests are not headless (They show the widgets, which must be closed manually.)

So far, so good.
I wish you Merry Christmas ...
... or Happy Holidays (for the political correctness fanatics)
Matthias Basler
[hidden email]

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