Getting World Wind working on linux

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Getting World Wind working on linux

Petter Reinholdtsen

Yesterday, I discovered a NASA World Wind client for Linux available
from <URL:>.  I discovered a request for debian
package by accident, and followed it there.  After struggling a bit, I
finally got it running today.

Here is a short howto for getting the java version of world wind
working on linux.  It is slightly based on

 1) download the JOGL and ww2d packages:


 2) unpack JOGL into separate directory (running the jar do not work,
    as it assume root access and tries to copy files into locations
    where I do not want to write new files).

      (mkdir JOGL-Inst && cd JOGL-Inst && jar -x < ../JOGL-Inst.jar)

 3) unpack the ww2d zip file


 4) make the jogl files available in this new directory.  This is the
    important trick to work around broken JOGL installer.

      (cd ww2d-0.99.86 && ln ../JOGL-Inst/jogl.jar .)
      (cd ww2d-0.99.86 && ln ../JOGL-Inst/ .)

 5) run the program in the ww2d... directory while making sure the
    dynamic linker find the file.

      cd LD_LIBRARY_PATH=`pwd` java -jar WW2D.jar

After these steps, I got a nice window with a map of the earth, and I
can zoom in to different areas of the world using Alt-up and
Alt-down. :)

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