HOT Activation Working Group Meeting - Protocol Review

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HOT Activation Working Group Meeting - Protocol Review

Community Working Group

Greetings humanitarian OpenStreetMap community,


The HOT Activation Working Group have our regularly scheduled meeting tomorrow, Friday 7/12/18 at 1500UTC.

We meet on the #hot IRC channel (bridged to #hot_irc_channel on the HOT Slack). More info can be found on the wiki:


We are not slowing down for the end-of-the-year; at least not yet – as discussed last time, the focus of tomorrow’s agenda will be on conducting a review and update to the Activation Protocol and curriculum for the Disaster Coordination training courses.


Looking forward to seeing you there!



Russell Deffner

Voting Member, Contractor, Disaster Mapping Coordinator

Email: [hidden email]

OSM/Skype: russdeffner

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