HOT Tech announcement | November 19th

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HOT Tech announcement | November 19th


Hello Humanitarian OpenStreetMappers,

Get updated with the latest news from the HOT Tech Team.

Tasking Manager 4.2.1 released

We just released a new Tasking Manager version. This release doesn’t have new features, but it improves the user interface with a set of changes on style and behaviour, mainly on the project creation and edit pages. We also fixed bugs and improved the documentation. Check out the complete release notes.

Tasking Manager DEV and Users group meetings

In the last announcement, we mentioned that the HOT Tech Working Group has been reactivated. We have another two group meetings active that are about the Tasking Manager: the users and the developers group meeting.

The Users group meeting is an opportunity for users to get updated about the improvements we are making on TM and also to put forth questions and give feedback to the development team.

The DEV group meeting is used to reunite software developers from organizations that also use TM and keep everyone in sync with the enhancements planned by the group. Both meetings happen on Wednesdays at 16:00UTC, biweekly in alternate weeks.

Subscribe to the Users group meeting and the DEV group meeting mailing list to receive regular updates.

Wille Marcel
Product Owner at Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team

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