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Highways England data

Brian Prangle-2

OSMUK Chapter has opened a dialogue at senior level with Highways England about access to their data and they have indicated they are open to releasing data to us, requesting a list of what we would like to see released.

So here's an initial attempt at a list (unprioritised)
Comments welcome before we respond to Highways England

Should we prioritise the list?

While we're at this - should there be a UK-wide project to update all operator=Highways Agency tags to operator= Highways England tags?

NEW data
1.Major junction/dualling improvement layouts ( details to include as much as possible e.g  highway layout, lane nos, traffic light position, lane turns/destinations,speed limits, cctv camera positions, waterway /footpath diversions) and go-live dates
2.Active Traffic Management go live dates, indicating 4 lane running where installed and ERA(Emergency Rescue Area) locations
1.List and location of Named Junctions
3.maxspeeds, to include average speed locations
4.Clearway stopping restrictions
5.Maxheight/Maxweight (many will be at county level however)
6.Speed camera locations, indicating if average speed

7.Lane nos turns and destinations

8. Alternate routes for when roads are closed: the ones marked with circles or squares or similar.

9 traffic sensor positions and types
10 Gritting routes and gritting infrastucture

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