How do you ad a ".csv" file

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How do you ad a ".csv" file

David Piggin

I’m new to UDIG.  I’m not a GIS Specialist… 


QUESTION: how do you bring a CSV file points only (not lines or polygons) into UDIG.  Can you do it without making a shape file???


Please advise how to add a layer of points (and related data) using a *.csv file with either

·        geographic data coordinates

·        UTM NAD83 coordinates

·        BC Albers (3005) coordinates.


The Geographic coordinates are (latitude and longitude in decimal degrees)

UTM coordinates are NAD83 or WGS 84  in Zone 10 or Zone 11. 

BC Albers are in X and Y.


I have very limited ability to make shape files.


Intended use.  I work in the bush (forestry and prospecting)…

I download “location files – coordinates” from my Garmin handheld GPS unit (garmin gps60csx) using Trackmaker or DNR dnrgps.exe; convert the text file to EXCEL; then add additional data to each coordinate; then convert the updated EXCEL file back to CSV or a DBF(IV) file.


It would be very cool to be able to bring the EXCEL file (points) directly into UDIG.





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