How to avoid car routing on blocked roads ?

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How to avoid car routing on blocked roads ?

Hi all,

I want to avoid car routing on blocked roads (eg. roads with bollards in the middle of the road).

mkgmap default styles (points):
barrier = bollard | barrier = bus_trap {add access = no; add bicycle = yes; add foot = yes} [0x660f resolution 24]

What I want to achieve:

In "points" something like this:
barrier = bollard {add carbarrier = yes} [0x660f resolution 24]

In "lines" something like this:
highway = * & carbarrier = yes  {set toll = yes}

- Is the default procedure (access, bicycle, foot) still working ?
- Is it possible the set user defined values (eg. "carbarrier=yes") ?


PS: The option "link-pois-to-ways" is set.

If this option is enabled, POIs that are situated at a point
in a way will be associated with that way and may modify the
way's properties. Currently supported are POIs that restrict
access (e.g. bollards). Their access restrictions are applied
to a small region of the way near the POI.