I don't seem to understand the new layer status 'locked'

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I don't seem to understand the new layer status 'locked'

Gerd Petermann

I think I found some errors with a "locked" layer:
- I can run the validator but the results are not displayed in the validator window
- I can select the locked layer as a target for the "Merge layers" action
- When I select a locked layer as source and a new layer as target in the merge layers action, the new layer is also locked. I did not expect that and it seems not possible to undo the merge.
- When I select some objects in a locked layer some edit options in the "More tools" menu (from utilsplugin2) are enabled, e.g. "Add nodes at intersections"
When I left click such an option a popup with  "An unexpected execption occured ... " appears.

I guess I should create one ticket for each item?