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Andrea Antonello
Dear community,
as already anticipated a month ago, HydroloGIS no longer sees any
sense in the effort to maintain the mailing lists of JGrass (almost)
The response of the community has been incredibly weak even on this
decision, which confirms that we are doing the right thing.

The following is what is going to happen with the 3 main mailing lists
of JGrass:

1) jgrass-devel: this list is going to be closed and developers will
be redirected to the udig developers list. There we will answer to all
of the questions as we did before. So this is not really a closing of
the list, it is more a lowering the effort to answer jgrass questions
related to udig in only one list.

2) jgrass-users: we are going to try to keep this open and will answer
only to advanced questions in the hope that users will help each other
on newbie problems. Let's see how that works.

3) jgrass-utenti: this list will be put to sleep. We will not delete
it in order to keep archives alive, but all users will be removed and
the list disabled.

Best regards,
JGrass-users mailing list
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