JOSM plugin development with Eclipse and subclipse (wmsplugin)

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JOSM plugin development with Eclipse and subclipse (wmsplugin)

Bodo Meissner
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Hello developers,

what is the best way to work on wmsplugin (or maybe other JOSM plugins) within Eclipse?

I checked out with subclipse as project JOSM.

Then I tried to check out the whole OSM tree I have to specify a project name. This project I cannot use for anything except SVN.
Then I imported the project wmsplugin from the complete OSM tree just checked out.
After setting the correct build path and class path(*) I can build and test the plugin from this project, but the team operations are not available there. I have to find the modified files in the project containing the full OSM tree to create patches etc.

(*)JOSM project as dependency in wmsplugin's build path and project wmsplugin as classpath in JOSM's run configuration

My next try was to check out only the wmsplugin subtree. This finds the project configuration from the .project file. I can work with this project including all SVN operations but there is a problem with the ANT build.
The file build.xml references a dist directory that is one directory up from the root of my Eclipse workspace. After creating such a directory I can build the plugin but the directory outside the workspace root seems to be wrong.
I assume I cannot commit the generated .jar this way.

What is the right way to do it? I would like to build the plugin and use SVN inside Eclipse.

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