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Keepright URL for opening issues in josm

Maarten Deen
The keepright URL for JOSM from issues like those at [1] does not work
for me. I am using firefox 60.0.1 64bit on Windows 7. The URL is
something like [2]

Before I open an issue with this in the keepright github I'd like to
find out why this does not work. JOSM is supposed to listen to port 8111
and 8112 and says 8111 is for http and 8112 is for https. I have remote
control enabled in josm with https support. Certificate is installed and
the only action not permitted is opening local files.
What strikes me is that keepright gives an https url to port 8112 but
e.g. the BrowseRelation template from the wiki [3] does not specify the
protocol and goes to port 8111. And that works for me.
If I strip the protocol from the keepright link and keep port 8112 it
still does not work (I get 6 UTF-8 characters). If I strip the protocol
and change to port 8111, it does work.

Is this a a problem with my setup, is it a josm problem or is the URL
from keepright malformed?