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Kosmo Desktop - New 2.0.1 version available

Sergio Baños Calvo
Hi to all.

It's a pleasure to announce that it's already available for downloading the new Kosmo Desktop - 2.0.1 version at the Kosmo - The Free Corporative GIS Platform web page (http://www.opengis.es/index.php?lang=en)

We have added the next new downloads:

+ Windows -> Installer (recommended)
Kosmo Desktop for Windows platforms, with install wizard

+ Windows -> ZIP file
Kosmo Desktop for Windows platforms, zipped in a file and ready for executing it

+ Linux -> Installer (recommended
Kosmo Desktop for Linux platforms, with install wizard

+ Linux -> TAR.GZ file
Kosmo Desktop for Linux platforms, zipped in a tar.gz file and ready for executing it

+ Windows / Linux -> 2.0.1 update for Kosmo Desktop 2.0 stable
ZIP file that contains only the files needed to update a 2.0 stable version and change it to a 2.0.1. The instructions to make the update are included in the same file.

+ Source code -> ZIP file
Kosmo Desktop 2.0 source code, zipped in a file

The new features added to this update are the next:

= New features =

* General

+ Languages
- Added Finnish as new language (thanks to Jukka Rahkonen)
- Updated Catalan language (thanks to the Servei de Sistemes d'Informació Geogràfica i Teledetecció de la Univ. de Girona (SIGTE))

* Extensions
- Updated Sextante to 0.6 version

= Improvements =

- The Kosmo Desktop WFS connector has been heavily rewritten to improve its compatibility with different servers (TinyOWS, Geoserver, Deegree): support for spetial characters, alfanumerics and spatial filters, wizard GUI when retrieving the schemas for an specific feature type, ... (thanks to Jukka Rahkonen, from the international mailing list, for all the support given in order to make this changes).

* Sextante
- The integration with Sextante library has been improved so the GUI shows now the labels correctly depending on the Kosmo Desktop selected language (if available)

= Bug fixes =

* Category, layer, rule and attribute translations
- Some problems related with these types of elements translations has been solved

- Solved the problem with the server capabilities

- The GML datasource now takes into account GML version in order to write the geometries in the right manner



Sergio Baños Calvo

Jefe de desarrollos
Sistemas Abiertos de Información Geográfica, S.L. (SAIG S.L.)
Tlfno. móvil: 685005960
Tlfno. fijo: (+34) 954788876

E-mail: [hidden email]

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