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LIBOSM - the C++ OSM library

Nick Whitelegg-3

Announcing the initial version of libosm - the C++ OSM library, available from OSM SVN under the "libs" directory, or at

It's fairly basic at the moment, but provides classes for Object (a generic OSM object), Node, Segment and Way. There is also a Components class to manage collections of OSM data, a Parser class for parsing OSM XML, and, in the separate libosmnet library, a Client class for reading data from, and putting data to, OSM itself.

I've tried to keep dependencies to a minimum - for XML parsing I use the lightweight expat library, and for communication with the server, libcurl. Neither have secondary dependencies.

This will form the first step, I hope, in an OSM to shapefile and OSM-to-IMG tool, as it would be good to remove the postgresql dependency on mapnik. I also hope (time permitting, which is a big if!) to work on a .img generation library.

Any desired features / bugs, please let me know. BTW I hope also to produce a Java version, probably using JOSM code as a base.


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