Leaflet 0.2 released

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Leaflet 0.2 released

Vladimir Agafonkin

After one month of active development since the first public release, Leaflet, a new JavaScript library for interactive maps by CloudMade, recently reached version 0.2. 

Highlights of this release include:
 - WMS layers support
 - GeoJSON support
 - different projections support (with EPSG:4326, 3857 and 3395 out of the box)
 - lots of bugfixes (especially for mobile browsers) 
 - performance, usability and API improvements

On a side note, despite being more and more feature-complete as a map library, the JS code of a full Leaflet build still weights under 18kb gzipped.

Found out more about Leaflet on the official website: http://leaflet.cloudmade.com/

Vladimir Agafonkin
Front-End Architect, CloudMade
+380 93 745 44 61

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