Leverage MapSwipe for Your Next Mapping Task!

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Leverage MapSwipe for Your Next Mapping Task!

Jessica Bergmann
Hi all!

We are actively seeking new projects to add in MapSwipe! If you have upcoming mapping tasks where MapSwipe can be leveraged to make your mapping more efficient, please email me directly!

What is MapSwipe? MapSwipe is a mobile app that allows volunteers to search through satellite imagery looking for features, such as roads, buildings, and waterways, tapping the tiles where they find these features. MapSwipe reduces the area requiring detailed mapping in remote and rural areas by up to 95%, increasing efficiency for mappers in the Tasking Manager. 

How can you use MapSwipe? The MapSwipe team accepts ongoing requests from mapping communities to leverage MapSwipe in their workflow! Reply to this email with your mapping areas of interest and a brief description of the objectives for your mapping task, and the MapSwipe team will work with you to create the MapSwipe project and promote it to volunteers!

I'm happy to answer any questions you may have about leveraging MapSwipe! And stay tuned for more information about MapSwipe 2.0, coming soon, which will have even more project types for your community to take advantage of.



Jessica Bergmann
Partnerships & Community Programs Associate
Uganda: +256 754 672 750 | WhatsApp: +1 630 267 3307
Skype: jessica.bergmann91

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