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Dear all,

sorry for this question will look stupid to most of you, but I can't afford
to using any symbolizer_with_image
(point_symbolizer, polygon_pattern_symbolizer, shield_symbolizer nor
line_pattern_symbolizer), while I can draw roads, polygons text and

Examples from wiki give

   point_symbolizer sym("/tmp/pub.png","png",16,16);
   rule.append(polygon_pattern_symbolizer("path/to/icon.png", "png", 20,
20)); // file, type, width, height
   rule.append(line_pattern_symbolizer("/path/to/icon.png", "png", 20, 20));
// file, type, width, height
and the same kind with shield_symbolizer.

but my compiler will not accept these, as the constructor of
(symbolizer_with_image) expects a path_expression_ptr or expression_ptr
argument (as well as the set_filename function).

What did I miss??

Thanks for your suggestions;

using mapnik 2.0.0 and GCC C++ Compiler;
An error example mentioning path_expression_ptr:

../src/MapnikTester.cpp:570:107: error: no matching function for call to
‘mapnik::polygon_pattern_symbolizer::polygon_pattern_symbolizer(const char
../src/MapnikTester.cpp:570:107: note: candidates are:
/usr/local/include/mapnik/polygon_pattern_symbolizer.hpp:46:5: note:
/usr/local/include/mapnik/polygon_pattern_symbolizer.hpp:46:5: note:   no
known conversion for argument 1 from ‘const char [41]’ to ‘const
/usr/local/include/mapnik/polygon_pattern_symbolizer.hpp:45:5: note:
/usr/local/include/mapnik/polygon_pattern_symbolizer.hpp:45:5: note:   no
known conversion for argument 1 from ‘const char [41]’ to
‘mapnik::path_expression_ptr {aka
mapnik::attribute> > >}’
make: *** [src/MapnikTester.o] Error 1
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