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Mapnik config in JS

Martin Ždila-2

Today's trend is to put many markups to JS (eg. CSS in JS, HTML in JS (React), ...). Therefore I've decided to implement "Mapnik config in JS" and I have a great pleasure using it to write my new outdoor map theme.

I only spend together maybe 2 or 3 full days to implement it all so the style is still very incomplete and dirty.

You can see current result at (make sure you have not port 4000 blocked).

Map configuration (style and layers) are still in a single file [1] and uses style builder [2] to create Mapnik XML.

I plan to extract the style builder to separate project to be easily usable by other programmers.

Feel free to send me your feedback (mostly regarding style generator in JS idea).

You can also check the whole project at


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