Modifying wait period of the RenderExecutorComposite

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Modifying wait period of the RenderExecutorComposite

Trupti Pol
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This is just to get some idea about Renderer,

We have a service implemented which keeps on checking/unchecking layers programatically in the LayersView.

Now in this operation we were facing flickering issue during rendering (Raster Layers).

After a through debugging and testing we reached to a solution according to which if we change the "wait_period" variable value from 400 ms to 1000 ms in net.refractions.udig.project.internal.render.impl.RenderExecutorComposite.incrementalUpdate(), the flicker does not reappear, but as we haven't yet explored the Renderer to a great extent, we are not really very sure about the pros/cons of this change?

Will you please give us some idea about whether there will be some consequences which may occur due this change??