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Andy Townsend

One thing that I noticed when trying to add a specific icon to a map for
mountain rescue posts was that although there is some usage of and
slightly less of there
are many examples of untagged buildings such as .

I'd like to review these in the UK and where they obviously look like a
staffed building add "amenity=mountain_rescue" (or
"emergency=mountain_rescue" - which doesn't really matter to me).

There's also one example of at (I'm not convinced the
highway tag is necessarily appropriate there, but that's another
discussion).  Can anyone think of untagged examples of these elsewhere?

I'm checking with the list first before making lots of tag changes in
case I've completely misunderstood the tagging here (I don't think so,
but it does no harm to check).  Mountain rescue posts (and supplies
boxes) will appear on in
a few days.

Best Regards,


PS: I'm asking here rather than the tagging list because the untagged
things named "Mountain Rescue" are mostly in the UK - see .

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