New OS Locator (201411) out, Musical Chairs updated & new RSS feeds

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New OS Locator (201411) out, Musical Chairs updated & new RSS feeds

Robert Scott
Hello all,

(You'll all know the basic form of these emails by now and be expecting it)

It's November, the new OS Locator release is out and I've updated Musical Chairs[1] with it.

Interesting changes should be particularly visible in the "recent relevant updates" view[2] for the next week or so if you want to take a look.

In this update there seem to be 12,201 new or changed entries and 10,203 removed entries. Looking at these early can often show you interesting things like names of roads in housing estates that aren't built yet.

But wait there's more! Musical Chairs now has RSS feeds allowing you to subscribe to match changes (all match changes, relevant (nontrivial) match changes or relevant match _downgrades_) for an area. This makes it really easy to keep an eye on your area and watch for accidental name breakages. The RSS feed links are in the top right corner menu. (They're a little slow as of now - I haven't optimized them much.)

As ever I've put up a version I've assigned my ad-hoc stable ids to (what?[3]) here[4] in case anyone would find it useful.



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