New osm-editor with empty-track bug removed and auto-centring

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New osm-editor with empty-track bug removed and auto-centring

Nick Whitelegg
Hello everyone,

There is now a new version of osmeditor in Subversion. Key changes since the
last (revision 633):

1. Removed the zero-length-trackseg bug, which caused osm-editor to crash if
you deleted all the points in a track segment or loaded in a GPX with an
empty track segment.

2. When data is read from a GPS device, GPX file or GPX server, the map is
centred on the read-in data so you don't have to search for it all over the

3. Improved Landsat to use tiles; somewhat quicker now as it only downloads
the changed area. Really need to do some sort of hard-drive (client-side)
caching, but not as straightforward as it might be due to the floating point
nature of latitude and longitude. Will look into this when I have the time.

4. Sorted out the bug which sometimes causes strange lines to be drawn if part
of the track is off-screen.

Windows .EXE will hopefully follow by the end of the weekend.

Coming next.... ability to read and write "osm" format v. 0.2.


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