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New postcode overlay

Chris Hill-6
I have updated both the Codepoint Open [1] and ONSPD [2] postcode tiles
which can assist with . The open data from OS has changed from
Address-Point which was discontinued last year I think. The new source
is the Postal Address Location Feed of Geoplace. This means some
postcode centroids have moved. Most differences are small but a few are
infeasibly large.

I have also created a new map overlay [3] showing the postcodes that
have been added recently. This will help people find places, such as new
developments, that need a survey. Any feedback would be welcome. If it
is useful I'll update it each time a new version of the open postcode
data are released.

I'm working on including an overlay that shows postcodes that have
recently been retired too.


Chris Hill (chillly)

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