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OSM GeoWeek 2018!

Rebecca Firth
Hi All,

OSM GeoWeek is coming up November 11-17th!  Last year, in partnership with the American Red Cross, HOT, MapGive, YouthMappers, PEPFAR, and many more, there were an incredible 230 events in 48 countries   

GeoWeek calls on teachers, students, community groups, governments, private sector organizations, and map-lovers around the world to come together to celebrate geography and make maps with OpenStreetMap. Events can be of any size - just fill out this FORM and your event will be registered on both the GeoWeek and Missing Maps event pages. Please see OSM GeoWeek for more information on this year’s events.

If anyone would like support setting up their event, or someone to dial in to speak about the impact of OSM in the field, please get in touch with Geoffrey in cc to support you!



Rebecca Firth
Community and Partnerships Manager

Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team
Using OpenStreetMap for Humanitarian Response & Economic Development

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