OSM's Schema - moving it forwards.

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OSM's Schema - moving it forwards.


Having spoken to Steve last week I shared with him a set of tags and keys I
had developed a few years back for a street gazetteer I planned to
implement. That didn't happen but joining this project a few months back
caused me to revisit it, especially considering that one of the stumbling
blocks to getting more involved is a lack of a full tag/key/value type

So... I said I would look to helping this process on, so having been through
the mailing list threads running back over the last year I can see there has
been some in depth discussion, but as is so often the case with "standards"
in general and xml standards in particular its always difficult to get
something concrete established that allow quick progress. That is where I
believe we are right now. i.e. a number of expressed ideas and issues, a
functionable level of agreement but no implementation... and that is not
meant as a criticism.

>From what is out there already, mailing list and wiki, it was clear that Imi
and Nick had looked at this the most (most recently at least) presumably
because they were running into a block with their offline coding.

So I have all theses snippets of information, comments from others already
seen and a determination to see something gel. So I'll share something as
soon as I think it has merit.

Otherwise, if anyone has any special views which have not already been
aired, especially with respect to the extension of GPX, an OSM own XML
schema or aspects related to tags and keys I would welcome the info for the
melting pot.


Andy Robinson
[hidden email]

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