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OSMChange Version Attribute for new elements

Tac Tacelosky
Is a version number required for new elements?  I'm looking at the example at the end of

I understand that you get the changeset id from a create call, and that you use unique negative numbers for the related new elements within a changeset, but I don't understand why I need to pass version and timestamp.  The examples show a timestamp from before the 0.6 API was released, and version numbers larger than 1.  

I'm working on a tool to update OSM based on appropriately-licensed geocoded photos (at the moment, photos I've taken), and want to make sure I understand the proper way to update the database.



Here's the section from that page I'm finding confusing.:

For the /api/0.6/changeset/#id/upload API call to work correctly, you have to include the changeset ID and version number in every node, way and relation, like so:

<osmChange version="0.6" generator="Osmosis">
       <node id="-1" timestamp="2007-01-02T00:00:00.0+11:00" lat="-33.9133118622908" lon="151.117335519304" changeset="1234" version="12"/>
       <way id="-3" timestamp="2007-01-02T00:00:00.0+11:00" changeset="1234" version="32">
           <nd ref="-1"/>
           <nd ref="-2"/>

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