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Martijn van Exel-3
Hi all,

The Telenav OSM map team is doing some research into open data available in Australia for potentially using to improve OSM. As you all probably know, there is already a substantial and well maintained page about open data sources at Before we start adding things to this list, I thought it' be nice and good to discuss.

So far the team has identified the following sources that we'd like to gain permission to use in the future. (CC-BY 3.0 Australia) (CC-BY-3.0 Australia) (CC-BY 4.0 International) (CC-BY 3.0 Australia)

I'm wondering what the best way is to proceed. We can send out waiver requests directly as needed, but perhaps there are folks here who are local to some of the datasets above and can advise?
 Martijn van Exel
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