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OpenStreetMap Stack MindMap

Christophe Rodier

Just made v2 of an OpenStreetMap stack mind map.

Following an impromptu presentation of v1 at SOTMFR (thanks to Christian Quest for presenting it) I got feedback on missing parts and things that should fit together better. So for v2 I used a new tool (Mindmeister) and added links and comments on (almost) each items.

It's here:

I made this as a learning tool to be able to visualise the various facets of the OSM world.
It’d be great if it ends up being useful to someone else starting with OpenStreetMap, or even to people working with OSM regularly. 

Of course, it doesn’t and can’t include "everything" (I had to draw the line somewhere). Insights from people who have been working with  OSM for longer than me would be greatly appreciated. Are there any glaring omissions? Or anything that shouldn’t be included at all? Could some of the branches be merged, linked or rearranged to be closer to other ones?

Please send me your feedback, comments, suggestions, critiques. If you want to contribute and collaborate on it, please let me know. And do circulate/share it if you think it's useful.

Thank you.


PS: I couldn’t find anything similar online but please do let me know if something already exists.

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