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Parks, again.

Doug Hembry
On 01/07/2018 21:11, Andy Townsend wrote:

| To be honest, I wouldn't "suggest that OSM Carto do X" here - there's
| been a lot of discussion already and no conclusions there. What I'd
|suggest instead is that someone knocks up a rendering of California
| based on what it would look like if boundary=protected_area, or
| protect_class, or whatever is used instead of park, nature_reserve
| and/or national_park.  It's not that complicated to do that - there are
| basic instructions for creating a tile server at .....

A good suggestion, Andy, but I think a bit beyond my skill level and
time constraints.
However, I take your point that talk-us is not the place to bring up
issues with OSM carto.
I may shut up about it on talk-us and look into how to raise the issue
on github..

- doug

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