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Re: Public dinner room?

OK. Thanks all of you. I hope John finish the tag in wiki for general
use ;-)


Al 15/04/12 21:50, En/na Aspen Swartz ha escrit:

> I agree with James.  In my part of the world, we simply don't have
> exactly the same type of thing as this "public dinner room".  So why
> not tag it in the language of the area it's in, with the words that
> locals use to describe it?
> Aspen
> On Sun, Apr 15, 2012 at 10:24 AM, James Ewen<[hidden email]>  wrote:
>> On Sun, Apr 15, 2012 at 3:12 AM, Xan<[hidden email]>  wrote:
>>> Al 15/04/12 07:47, En/na Aspen Swartz ha escrit:
>>>> In my part of the world we call that a "picnic shelter".
>>> Even if the "picnic shelter" is in a room of a building (that's my case)?
>> I doubt that you will find a global solution. There are many distinct
>> items that are unique to specific areas of the world. In those areas,
>> tags to describe those items need to be created.
>> Here in Canada we have roads that are built each winter over the
>> frozen muskeg and lakes. These ice roads only exist for a few months
>> each year while the temperatures are low enough to support heavy
>> traffic. These roads are rebuilt each year in the approximate same
>> place, and are extremely important routes used to haul heavy
>> commodities to the northern communities served by them. Without these
>> roads many communities would not be able to get a lot of their
>> supplies.
>> Warmer temperate and equatorial countries would never use these tags,
>> but they exist to describe types of roads we have here. Pick a tag,
>> and stick with it. If you use it enough and others pick up on it,
>> someone might start making maps that show these public dining rooms.
>> These are not picnic_shelters, nor would I consider a picnic_shelter a
>> public_dining_room... there's enough distinction to require unique
>> tags.
>> But then again, this is just my humble opinion.
>> --
>> James
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