Question regarding Carto 4.x database scheme

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Question regarding Carto 4.x database scheme

Sven Geggus

looking at the hstore support in Carto 4.x I was wondering if the provided
lua script would work with an hstore-only database as well.

I have been using such a scheme in carto-de for quite a while now and would
like to continue doing so.

osm=> \d planet_osm_hstore_line
     Tabelle »public.planet_osm_hstore_line«
  Spalte  |            Typ            | Attribute
 osm_id   | bigint                    |
 z_order  | integer                   |
 way_area | real                      |
 tags     | hstore                    |
 way      | geometry(LineString,3857) |

Actual rendering is done using views emulating the table layout required by
a given style.

To do a reimport I have to decide if I continue using this table layout or
if I migrate back to a mixed hstore/column based setup as used by Carto 4.x.

Thus, would openstreetmap-carto.lua work with the hstore-only database as



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