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Bruce, Bob (CON)-2
Hi Cory:
                thanks for pointing me to the layers widget, it does
help in displaying the classification of the layer. It is good to hear
about your plans for improving the styling in 1.2 I look forward to
seeing these enhancements.


Bruce, Bob (CON) wrote:
> I have noticed that when I have styled a map layer and then go back
> into it to tweak the style that uDig doesn't display the current style

> settings but instead seems to start off at a blank style. Normally I
> would expect that the current style settings would be displayed and
> then I would be able to change these. Am I doing something wrong here
> or is this the current functionality of uDig? If it is the current
> functionality then are there plans to add the 'remembering' and
> editing of the current style to uDig, and if so then is there a
> timeline for this?
> Most GIS packages display the classification of the layer in the map
> legend but I don't see this in uDig at the current time. Are there
> plans to add this in the near future?
Hello Bob,

You have caught us!  It is currently the case that the "Theme" page of
the Style Dialog is not persistent.  The "Simple" page is persistent,
but it hides elements from the "Theme" page (they are too complex for
it), and the "XML" page is fully persistent (but few people speak
SLD/XML). Our current plan is to revisit Styling in uDig 1.2 with full
persistence and more intelligent, robust, and intuitive modification

At the moment there is a legend widget that may be applied to the map
(in the layer menu).  We are considering adding classification
information as sub-elements of layers in the layers view -- this is up
for discussion :).

If there is anything we can do to tide you over until 1.2, please let us


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