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Paul Norman
(subject changed because this isn't really about the CPDs anymore)

> From: Greg Troxel [mailto:[hidden email]]
> Sent: Monday, November 26, 2012 4:48 AM
> To: Paul Norman
> Subject: Re: [Talk-us] Alaska CPD boundaries
>   I'm sort of answering my own question, but the latest TIGER data has
> it at
>   this limit.
> When did 3 change to 12 as a claimed territory limit?  Do you think
> TIGER is perhaps just not paying attention, because there are no
> residents from 3 to 12, so they don't care?

My standard reference for this is NOAA's short white paper:

The 3 mile zone was extended by Proclamation in 1988.

TIGER changed at some point from the coastline (one of them) to the 3 mile
limit (from one of the coastlines).

As a practical matter the maintaining an accurate coastline definition is
difficult - it ended up extremely messy in some areas with all of the little
sandbars and islands as detached parts
I can't see that TIGER would ever use 12 for boroughs and CPDs - that's
outside the state submerged lands.

If the state should use the limit of 3 instead of 12 is a different
question. OSM is about the ground truth so I don't know what a sailor would
say if asked where they were between the 3 mile and 12 mile limits.

My experience with borders is with the Canada-US border in BC. Legally
speaking you can enter what Washington State claims before you enter the US.
At other points it's the other way around. We just go for a consistent set
of borders representing what's on the ground.

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