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> From: Kim Hawtin <[hidden email]>
> To: [hidden email]
> Sent: Tuesday, 21 October, 2008 5:49:42 PM
> Subject: Re: [talk-au] Edits in and around Mt Barker, SA
> hi guys =)
> [hidden email] wrote:
> >> Kim wrote:
> >> I've been busy uploading traces and mapping around Mt Barker
> >> and Littlehampton a bit lately. I have a couple of questions
> >> I was hoping folks could clear up;
> >>
> >> - Are the rail and road under passes right? I have set them as
> >>   tunnels, because it makes more sense than the freeway being a
> >>   bridge, how ever what do other folks use?
> >
> > Use a tunnel if it is one, or a bridge if that is what is there. I'm sure
> > there are some weird hybrid examples, but if it is a culvit for streams/drains,
> > I use a tunnel. If I'm not sure what is there, I leave it with the ways
> > overlapping without any bridge/tunnel tags (I think the validator in JOSM warns
> > about it), so I or someone else can fix it when visiting it next.
> ok, its not a bridge, but a built up embankment with a tunnel in it.
> there are a couple of bridges further east, but wasn't sure if there
> was a standard or my miss-interpretation

I have an example of an embankment situation.
freight rail line is on an embankment over Steele Creek, which goes
through a
"tunnel" (culvert) under the embankment. The Western Ring
Road motorway just to
the NW is instead two bridges over the creek.
I could swear it used to show up on one of the renderer layers, but not now.
Might be because of all the Mapnik style changes they have been working on.


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