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Richard Fairhurst
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Lars wrote:

> Some years ago, the "Amsterdam Realtime" project let people walk
> and drive around with GPS receivers for two months and then
> collected their tracklogs to draw maps and analyze patterns,
> Now, what if there was an ongoing project like this, not limited
> to a few weeks or a single city, but an archive where everybody
> could just upload their GPS tracklogs for anybody to reuse or
> analyze in any way, ...
> ... what would you use such an archive for?

I'd concur with nym and SteveC's suggestions that this is very OpenStreetMap.
But as a geowanker, I like your point about making raw GPS tracklogs available
for people to play with as they see fit.

In an ideal world, would host this archive. When you uploaded
a GPX track to osm, there'd be a checkbox (defaulting to on) which said "Do you
want the tracklog to be made available for separate download in raw form?". This
file archive would then be freely browsable and downloadable.

And "for anybody to reuse or analyze in any way" is a great licence. :)

What would I use it for? Free mapping at, which will be taking a
very different tack to OSM in an upcoming v2; and for my own print/web
cartography as per .


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