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Dane Springmeyer
If you are getting this email, please know that this mailing list ([hidden email])
has been retired.

The main Mapnik list (for both users and developers) is now on google groups at

But, just in case some of you are not yet signed up at please see this announcement:


Google Summer of Code is a great program that connects open source projects with students looking to code over the summer.

We've participated in 2010 and 2011, and are excited to be applying again in 2012.

We will know by next Friday, the 16th, if Mapnik is officially accepted as a mentoring organization.

In the meantime the task is to generate some solid project ideas for potential students.

Students can, and are expected, to bring their own passions and ideas, but we should also gather our own.

Please add your to:

And see the main wiki page for this year at:



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