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Re: GeoWebCache and udig WMSC

Hi James,

Do you have a stacktrace? I guess it's because of the missing request parameters width, height or SRS. Properly there should be a WARNING message (getMap or getCapabilities) with the requested URL. Please check these URL's.
Right now I'm not sure, whether the width and height parameter should be equal and should always have the same value (256 or 512). Could anybody confirm that?

Cheers, Frank 

2010/4/25 James Nicolson <[hidden email]>
> After testing a view minutes I got NumberFormatExceptions within the
> tomcat container from the geowebcache (gwc) deployment. To make a long
> story short, the gwc seems to need the width and heigth parameter in the
> getMap request. On the website is written, that they implemented against
> WMS 1.1.0 where this parameters defined as mandatory. I already posted a
> message on the gwc mailing list to get a confirmation. And at the
> wiki-page is
> written: 'Each tiling profile needs to establish ... [] width, height, srs.
> The request of the udig wmsc client is right now without these
> parameters. So could anybody confirm, that the wmsc needs an
> update/patch? I already started to make some changes (to get it closer
> to geotools and makes it easier to port to this later). So what do you
> thing about a new improvement "Move WMSC core classes to geotools
> library" so I can attach the patches to it.

Hi Frank. I'm running into similar issues. If possible could I see
what changes you have made?
I've only got as far as putting "TILED=true" back into the request in
TiledWebMapService. 1.2-RC2
appears to strip tiled=true from the request. Now uDig will send a
sensible request but the WMSC
wizard does not progress.

Thanks in advance :)

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