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Silvia Franceschi-2
Hi Matteo,
now the link you provided for the JGrass source code works fine, you can
take a look at the source code for more information about the
extratc_network algorithms. Probably Riccardo can also help you

> Does someone know what are the values of the parameters implemented
> for the tangential stress in the II mode of ``extract network''?
> I mean, \alpha that is the coefficient and n for the gradient \Nabla z ?
> PS: this link does not work anymore
The last versions of JGrass are not included in the update site, so
please download the full JGrass version you can find at the following
link for the new releases:

We are trying to solve the problems related to the JGrass/uDig update
site, but it seems to be an issue for the uDig 1.2, and not uDig 1.1
(the actual stable version).


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