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Mikel Maron
We'll have a group here in Nairobi ready to work on something. Any ideas for a good project for RHOK?

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Subject: [OSM-talk] Random Hacks of Kindness

Elizabeth Sabet writes "Google, Microsoft, NASA, The World Bank, and
Yahoo! are unlikely partners, but they are bringing together the best
and brightest in disaster relief management and the ever-growing
hacker community in a progressive initiative called Random Hacks of
Kindness. Its mission is to mobilize a world-wide community of
technologists to solve real-world problems through technology. RHoK is
gearing up for its first world-wide 'hackathon for humanity' on June
4-6, 2010. Following last year's inaugural event in Mountain View,
California, which produced software solutions that were used on the
ground during the devastating earthquakes in Haiti and Chile, the
partners have decided to take the effort global. RHoK engages
volunteer software engineers, independent hackers, and students from
around the world in a marathon weekend of hacking events and coding
competitions to develop software solutions for problems posed by
subject-matter experts. This first global Hackathon will feature
sponsored events in Washington DC, Sydney, Nairobi, Jakarta and Sao
Paulo." Here's where to go for more details or to register for the DC

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