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Jesse Eichar-2
Hi Davide, 

I am really excited about this work.  Send all questions you have to the udig list and we will all try to help you out


On Thu, May 27, 2010 at 11:41 PM, Davide <[hidden email]> wrote:
Hi to all,

My name is Davide Savazzi, I'm an Italian developer and student.
I've been accepted in the GSoC program with a proposal on
'adding support for Neo4j graph database in Geotools and uDig'.

Few months ago I've started working in my spare time on the Neo4j
Spatial project (, I've created
a service for storing layers of geometries, indexed by an rtree, and a
shapefile importer.

The simplified roadmap for this project is:
- adding a network / routing service (needed for GSoC)
- adding a topology storage service (not needed right now)

In the Community Bonding Period I've read the uDig training materials,
tried the examples and I've read some other documentation on Eclipse and SWT.
I've also completed a prototype of a read-only DataStore (tested with
GeoTools JMapFrame).

I've just downloaded uDig 1.2-RC3 SDK and this week I'll try to insert
this DataStore in uDig, maybe using the new Generic DataStore support.
Then the next steps could be:
- optimize this DataStore, adding Query support
- add Write operations support

Best regards,
Davide Savazzi
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