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Paul Johnson-3
Spot check against Tulsa Transit seems to suggest that this is matching a dump of the GTFS stops.  Use caution with this data if you're going to try to map from this, as the official GTFS is known to be wrong in Tulsa.

On Wed, Sep 7, 2016 at 4:51 AM, Andrew Guertin <[hidden email]> wrote:
The (US) Department of Transportation recently[1] released the National Transit Map (, a compilation of transit information from a wide list of regional transit providers. I'm not proposing an import myself, but I want to make sure it's widely known and I wonder if anyone is looking into an import of it.

It appears the data collected (or at least presented on the online map) is transit stops only, with no route information.

Not all transit providers are represented, though the press release says "74 percent of the top 50 agencies, and approximately one-third of all urban transit agencies with fixed route service".

This seems like a valuable data set if we can use it.


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