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Daniel Bossert-2

That's sad but I understad that decision.

Well, as I have a server in the cellar which is running all the time (as I
have some shells on it), I will search after another piece of work for my
(, but
certainly no SETI...

Have a good time, Sebastian, and thank you very much for your hard work!

Kind regards

Am Mi, 1.02.2012, 13:00 schrieb [hidden email]:

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>    1. ANNOUNCEMENT: T@H server will go away end of February
>       (Sebastian Spaeth)
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> Date: Wed, 01 Feb 2012 12:15:44 +0100
> From: Sebastian Spaeth <[hidden email]>
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> Subject: [Tilesathome] ANNOUNCEMENT: T@H server will go away end of
> February
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> Hi all,
> I was just informed that the central ETH IT took an issue with the
> constant large bandwidth that the t@h server uses. In addition the
> server is four years old and getting old and senile...
> This means that end of February, the T@h server will be shut down and go
> away. Unless a replacement server (&admin) is being found, that will
> also likely imply that the T@H service will go away (together with the
> tiles web server) at that point.
> I have previously argued, why I believe that a t@h service is not that
> crucial anymore, although I still believe it is good that it was
> there. I am not sure if and what should replace t@h, but generally
> speaking there are so many ways now to customize and get rendered tiles,
> that t@h is a bit of a dinosaur. A fun one though :-)
> I would like to thank the ETH Zurich, and specifically the Institute for
> Cartography of Prof. Lorenz Hurni ( that had
> been sponsoring the server and the bandwidth over
> the course of four years. They have been very generous, and never
> complained about the bandwidth/diskspace  we were hogging all the
> time. Finally a special thanks to Claudia Matthys, their IT sysadmin who
> helped to purchase, setup and administer the thing.
> Also thanks to the legions of renderers, client developers, and style
> tweakers, such as Bob Kare, Petschge, Dirk L?der-Kreie, the ROMA and
> TRAPI developers, and the people involved in running the read-only
> mirror architecture. That was and is amazing work that diverse people
> have been putting together there.
> I am not that much into mapping any more, but I will hang around and am
> open to other fun projects.
> Sebastian
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